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Q. How many cards are required to get a handicap?
A. Three
Q. How is the handicap calculated?
A. No more than 3 above the par of the hole is considered. The total scores of the three cards are then averaged and the AMCR (70) / AWCR (73) deducted. There are changes to be made following the introduction of the new handicap system being introduced on April 9th. Watch this space.
Q. How many cards are required to retain a handicap?
A. Handicaps no longer lapse.
Golf Course
Questions and answers from meeting held with John Sloan
Q. Why can’t we take the top off the 10th green, flatten and relay the turf?
A. You can, but you will have major problems with drainage because the profile on these greens is so poor and you need to find a firm base. To do the job properly will require 1 months construction work and 4 months growing period.
Q. Why do the greens get so quick this time of the year?
A. Poor fertility this time of year due to lack of growing because of the climate and time of year
Q. Why are the greens moving i.e. 10th , 12th, 16th etc?
A. They are sinking due to unstable base.
Q. If you were to build a new green from scratch, how long would it be out of action?
A. 5 months, 1 month construction, 4 months growing.
Q. What grass would you recommend for the greens?
A. A good bent grass but beware because the green surface will be different to other greens.  You could sow or turf (turfing reduces time out of action by 4 weeks).  Maybe A1 or A$ or Pencross grasses.
Q. Can you lay turf outside the normal growing season?
A. Yes provided it is not in a high traffic area.
Q. On tees your thoughts of the location of sprinklers, sides or up the centre?
A. Sprinklers should be on the edge and side of the tees.
Q. We are trying to raise money to build a practice facility including a chipping green, are you able to assist with design costs at a reduced rate?
A. I would be prepared to work with the Club.
Q. Your thoughts on 2 grass policy for our fairways?
A. Must be flexible and dependant on Winter and Spring seasons with water or lack of it your major problem.  Prefer to see the poa drought out naturally rather than by the use of pesticides.
Q. Do we have a current problem with black beetle on the 8th fairway?
A. I don’t believe so I would think they are worm casts as it is the wrong time of year to be active, generally in warmer months but we will investigate.
Q. Fairway bunkers, are they hard to do and costly to construct, ie LHS 3rd hole where the old dicky pye tree was?
A. Biggest cost is drainage and soil but could do plan
Q. The use of water?
A. You should only use your water in line with the course management plan and fertiliser application plan.
Q. Our new paths are 2.4 metres wide and being kept the same shape as the current paths and only resurfaced, is this okay?
A. Yes that is fine and exposed aggregate would look fantastic going to the 10th tee.  You do not need a border on the LHS of the 9th path.