Dress Regulations

Members and Patrons are requested to dress in a neat, clean and tidy manner and are asked to observe the following dress standards on the course and in the clubhouse at all times:

On the Course:

1.   During competition - collared polo shirts and shirts in keeping with current golf fashion trends, including turtle neck shirts. Other times - neat, casual dress.

2.   Easily visible socks must accompany shorts on course, unless wearing approved golf sandals.

3.   Acceptable golf footwear is required on course.

In the Clubhouse:

4.   The following items of clothing/dress are NOT permitted in the Clubhouse: Singlets, Football Shorts, Dirty and/or Torn Clothing, Dirty Workwear (Including shoes), Clothing displaying obscene logos or writing; Hats, Caps, Beanies etc and bare feet.

5.   Committee, Management and Staff reserve the right to determine the meaning of neat, clean and tidy applied to the above.

Your compliance with these minimal standards is greatly appreciated